Triumph&Disaster Restration Balm

Triumph&Disaster Restration Balm
Triumph&Disaster Restration Balm


This 175ml tube of Restoration Balm is a reinvention, an evolution of an earlier idea. Like the cassette was to vinyl, the CD to the cassette, Spotify to the CD, evolution, has a tendency to move things along. In this case we went for improved usability, better delivery, and a little aesthetic panache, makes us wonder why we did not do it before.

Restoration Balm is a bespoke blend of Kawakawa, Goji and Dragons blood that desperately seeks parched dry skin on which to lay its cool fragrant touch. It longs to feel the gentle caress of skin on skin, its natural, silky touch calmly taming the surface of your body, while the subtle aroma of Patchouli gently intoxicates the moment with a mystical combination of smoke and wood. Read; Moisturiser that hydrates and protects skin, using natural and exotic ingredients – it smells nice as well. Use daily. Be liberal.


1/?Aroma of the gods ? Sandalwood and Neroli deliver a sweet combination, not too strong or overpowering but true to their herbal and woody promise.

2/?Hydrating and Balancing ? light and non greasy, Jojoba hydrates and rejuvenates skin leaving a natural silky touch on your body all the while keeping skins natural oil production in check.

3/?Toning & Treating – Kawakawa and Dragons Blood?combine to help treat and?balance the skin, with anti-inflammatory properties that calm and soothe skin, creating?a breathable protective barrier to the outside world.


水、ヒマワリ種子油、グリセリン、カプリリック/カプリトリグリセリド、セテアリルオリベート、ソルビタンオリベート、ブチロスペルマムパーキイ(シア)バター、セチルアルコール、フェノキシエタノール、エチルヘキシルグリエリン、グリセリルステアレート、グリセリルステアレート (パッチーリ、スギ、ゼラニウム、ジャスミン、ラベンダー、サンダルウッド)、リシウムバルバルム(ゴジ)シードオイル、マクロパイパーエクセルサム(カワカワ)リーフエキス、プロパンジオール、クロトンレクレリ(ドラゴンズブラッド)レジンエキス、リモネン、リナロール、 Citronellol、Cinnamyl Alcohol、Eugenol、Geraniol、BenzylBenzoate