Triumph&Disaster KAREKARE HAIR TONIC (スタイリングトニック)

Triumph&Disaster KAREKARE HAIR TONIC (スタイリングトニック)
Triumph&Disaster KAREKARE HAIR TONIC (スタイリングトニック)


Karekare Hair Tonic is Triumph & Disaster’s all natural sea salt spray, designed to bring out the wild child in all of us. Karekare is an?exotic?fusion of natural salts and essential root extracts, blended to deliver the very definition of wild, dangerous hair. Named after the famous beach on New Zealand’s West Coast,?Karekare Tonic takes bland, dull, lifeless hair and drags it to the dance floor for one last intoxicating fling.

For a vibrant, textured look, spray into damp or dry hair, style with your hands, comb or brush then let dry.?Shake before use. Flush pump with fresh water if unused for an extended period to avoid salt crystallisation. Avoid contact with eyes. External use only. Keep out of reach of children.


1/?Karekare Tonic creates dangerous, provocative hair ? our unique combination of ingredients guarantees to deliver funk, punk and seventies roller disco rolled into a twisted tantrum of inner wild.

2/?Treats your scalp ? Willow Herb treats your scalp as an anti-dandruff, anti-irritant tonic that calms enraged heads.

3/?Provides protection – Green tea and Sea Beet combine to protect hair from oxidative stress caused by the elements.

4/?Regulates oil production ? no one wants it but we all need it, the good oil that is, but it needs regulating. Epsom salts and Willow Herb combine to balance out heady oil levels.


水、硫酸マグネシウム(エプソム塩)、NZ海塩、エピロビウムアンガスティフォリウム(ウィローハーブ)花/葉/茎抽出物、アスパラギン酸マグネシウム、グルコン酸マグネシウム、グルコン酸銅、ベタイン、グルコノラクトン、安息香酸ナトリウム、ポリグリセリル5オレイン酸、カリウム ソルベート、カメリアシネンシス(緑茶)葉抽出物、カプリカプリトリグリセリド、ベータ尋常性(ビート)根抽出物、パルファム(天然香料)、アロエバルバデンシス(アロエベラ)葉抽出物、†d-リモネン、†リナロール、†シトロネロール、† シナミルアルコール